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Q:  What is a mobile trailer LED screen?
A:  A mobile LED screen is a video wall that is pre-fabricated onto a set of wheels. Benefits include speedy setup and lower rental price tag. 

Q:  How much does it cost to rent a mobile LED screen?
A:  Pricing does vary based on location, product, and duration. Typical pricing for a 12’ x 7’ screen in the local Houston area is $2,800 for a one-day rental, and $4,200 for a two-day rental. For longer rentals or those beyond the Houston area, give us a call and we will give you a quote!

Q:  What is included with my mobile LED screen rental?
A:  A daily rental rate includes an LED technician onsite for the duration of your rental to setup, operate, and tear down the screen. The unit is powered with an onboard 7kW generator.

Q:  What video or audio inputs does your production take?
A:  Video inputs: HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, Display Port, and VGA (16 by 9) Audio inputs: XLR

Q:  Do you supply power?
A:  All of our mobile units have an on-board generator for power. For indoor events, we will need shore power supplied to us. For a 12’ x 7’ screen, for example, the requirements are 3 x 20 amp – 120 volt circuits.

Q:  Will sound be provided?  
A:  If sound is needed, two compact speaker units with included LED screen mounts are available to rent for $75. These speakers are loud enough for small to medium sized crowds. For larger production needs, our audio team would be happy to listen and suggest the right speakers for your event. 

Q:  What can I display on the screen?
A:  Anything that can be displayed on your computer monitor or TV can be displayed on the LED screens. Examples include live TV, movies, camera feeds, internet feeds, advertising, and scoring. Your advertisers or design team can create content on a typical computer screen that will be transmitted onto the LED screen.

Q:  What is the on-site LED technician responsible for during a rental?
A:  Our on-site LED technician will deliver our mobile LED trailer to your event venue. They will set up the screen up, make sure it has enough fuel in the generator for power and make sure the screen is operating properly during the duration of your event.  If you’re looping content or playing a movie, we can help with that too. If your event requires multiple content switches or a more complex production, we encourage you to hire a production company or dedicate someone on your team to be responsible for the run of show.

Q:  Can I use power from the MAX to run other things?
A:  Unfortunately, no. Our generators are selected to power our LED system at maximum capacity, nothing more.

Q:  How high can your screens go?
A:  Our mobile screens have adjustable height and can be raised 8′ from the bottom of the screen to the ground.  

Q:  What are the footprints of your screens?
A:  12’x7′ mobile screen: 20’ x 8’ x 9’ (LxWxH)

Q:  Do your screens rotate?
A:  All of our mobile screens rotate 360 degrees. Want to adjust the angle mid-event? No problem. 

Q:  How bright do your screens get?
A:  Our outdoor screens have a minimum of 5,500 nits which is bright enough to be seen clearly under direct             sunlight.

Q:  Are your LED products weatherproof?
A:  All our outdoor products are designed to withstand and function in heavy rain and wind. They have maximum wind loads of 45 mph. They are 100% visible under the brightest direct sunlight. 

Q:  What tech specs do your need the LED files in?
A:  For standard 16:9 screens, please send your files at 1920x1080p. Format for video is compressed .mp4 and .jpeg for stills.

Q:  How do I send you the LED files?
A:  Please email us a download link via a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, 5 business days prior to the event. If you prefer, you could also send a flash drive.

Q:  How do I incorporate advertising onto the screen?
A:  There are three main ways to incorporate sponsor ads into your run of show – full-screen alternating and split screen. Split screen has the added advantage of simultaneous advertising and entertainment.

Q:  If I want to engage my audience, what is the best way?
A:  Content that is interactive is often a great way to energize your audience. Examples include social media streams, camera feeds, selfie cams, text-to-screen, and live messaging. 

Q:  Does the screen detach from your LED trailers?
A:  Our screen is permanently constructed onto the trailer. If you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of having a trailer onsite there are a number of ways it can be covered, including piping/draping and fencing.

Q:  Do I need a special license to display copyrighted material? 
A:  Yes, you will need to purchase a public use license.   

Q:  How do I display the game?
A:  If available, we ask that you send us the game feed from your in-house cable box via coaxial cable. If that is not an option, we can also stream the programming via WIFI or onboard satellite dish. We recommend displaying the game in 16:9 ratio.